eduComons 4.1.2 Production Release is Here! Now with Basic LTI Export
Security Advisory for all versions of eduCommons. Please go here for details.

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Download eduCommons 4.1.2
Find out more about how to use eduCommons with LTI in your learning management system, by watching this screencast.

Look at the full release information
Install it on RedHat/CentOS 6.x, or Download the source version and build it on your platform of choice.

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Download an eduCommons server appliance for your virtual hosting environment (coming soon).
Get your own hosted site from enPraxis and save the hassle of having to install, maintain and run it on your own server.

See a recent Presentation at OpenEd 2013, or view the slides
See a past Presentation at OpenEd 2011

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Calling all translators! We are currently gearing up to translate the new eduCommons 4.x release into as many languages as possible. If you would like to help us out with this please contact us here.

Support for eduCommons
There are several options for getting support with eduCommons. A good place to ask questions and search existing responses is the eduCommons forums page. The community is friendly and responsive.

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Many OpenCourseWare Consortium members use eduCommons and are willing to help newcomers. For-fee consulting, hosting, and custom development is also available via enPraxis and over 300 Plone consultants worldwide.

How do I get involved?
There are many ways to participate in the eduCommons community. Developers and testers are welcome to check out our getting started page and join the development email list. For those interested in translating eduCommons we encourage you to join the localization email list. Please email us if you have any questions, or if you would like to report a bug or make a feature request.

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