How To

eduCommons Setup Instructions

Information about the customization of eduCommons.

eduCommons: A Guide To Getting Started

eduCommons: A Guide to Getting Started contains nine tutorials to help eduCommons content producers create courses and add content.

Installation Instructions

This section describes how to install an instance of eduCommons from source (linux, OSX), from a Windows installer, from a linux RPM, and from a VMWare image.

Join the eduCommons Localization Team!

Localization is an ongoing process and we always need more help. As new versions of eduCommons are released, translations need to be updated. To join our team, please review the instructions found on the Localizing eduCommons page. To submit translations or related questions, please contact info [at] educommons [dot] com.

Localizing eduCommons

Localization documentation for eduCommons.

Migrate between eduCommons versions

Explains how to migrate to the latest version of eduCommons.

Old Migration Instructions

Explains how to migrate forward a legacy version of eduCommons.

Skinning eduCommons

How to adjust the look and feel of your new eduCommons site.

Try It Yourself

Provides a sample courses for experimentation.