How do I contribute to the eduCommons project?

There are several options for getting contributing to the eduCommons project.

  • For those familiar with eduCommons, one way to give back to the eduCommons project is to offer answers in the eduCommons Q&A forums. This is a great way to contribute back to the community, and it doesn’t take a lot of time.
  • Developers are welcome to join the development email list. We are always interested in new collaborations and partnerships with those who can contribute new features to eduCommons.
  • There is an IRC channel at #educommons. Jump in and chat with us!
  • For those with questions about translating eduCommons we encourage you to join the localization email list. We can always use help verifying or updating our eduCommons translations.
  • For any other questions or comments about how you can help with the eduCommons project please contact us.